Queen’s Visits to Clubs

I have felt the necessity to cancel the remaining Club Queen’s visits year for the balance of January and of February. Currently we are unable to meet in person with any more than six members present. I do not see the Covid pandemic precautions lifting in the near future.

These closures are being done for safety reasons for all of us. The Clubs and Units should still continue to meet if there are 6 or less present or by a virtual platform. I would encourage the virtual platform and we can help facilitate those meetings if you have the need.

Clubs should consider making a donation to our charities as they would normally have done when meeting in person. Most clubs will need a vote of their members for money transactions but consider doing that in your Zoom meeting or by a phone vote. Donations may be made directly to our Pr. Recorder, PQ Jennifer Moyer.

I will contact each club personally to arrange a time to review your books.

Queen Holly

Charitable Giving for 2020

Pr. Recorder, Jennifer Moyer, received the report from the Foundation on our Charitable Donations for the year, January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. This report includes our Holiday Sharing, Rose Garden, Stepping Stones to Happiness and direct purchases from the My Gift program.

I am proud to report that Nydia Temple has donated…….$15,462.00!

Wow! We did a great job during a pandemic and a very sad year. Congratulations to all our Ladies of the Household. Queen Holly

Welcome to the Year of New Beginnings

Queen Holly Speaks
Welcome to the year of new beginnings – 2021. I am hoping for a fresh outlook with positive outcomes. We already know that after the year 2020 that this year will be much better. How could it not?
It hasn’t always been easy to display a positive outlook. We’ve all had challenges. I have been given permission to share the following which was written by our Princess Marie Chambers who shares her year spot on. Good job, Marie!
Marie shared this on Facebook…
“Each year has wins and challenges: 2020 in a nutshell for me. I feel blessed, and am happy for all the positives.
* Lost my job in January 2020 after 44 years with the same company. Win: new job, new company, April 2020.
* Pandemic hit in March. Win: I have not had Covid.
* Toilet paper hoarding by people. Win: I did not rush to the store as I had enough to make it through the pandemic.
* People lost jobs or worked from home. Win: I was able to work in the office every day.
* Felt unsafe with all of the happenings in Portland. Win: I have a concealed weapon license/gun. First time ever fingerprinted.
* People seem very angry.

Ceremonial Scheduled for January 30th – Cancelled

Ladies of the Household, I am so sad to make this announcement. Even though we have all been attempting to be so safe during this pandemic, the Covid-19 virus has seeped between the cracks. The virus is still running rampant and the “numbers” are growing instead of receding.

The Ceremonial scheduled for January 30 is cancelled. We continue to plan a large ceremonial when our Supreme Queen visits on March 6. That gives us three more months to get healthy. Keep in mind, however, that we are able to do a virtual “Obligation Only” initiation if our candidates so choose.

In the meantime, remain cautious and stay safe.

Queen Holly

Pictures Needed

Calling all photographers – amateur, professional, and in between. To help redesign and build our website, we need pictures of our ladies all around Nydia Temple. We want all those pictures; the fun ones, the serious ones, the formal ones, the casual ones, and the ones you took just because.

Please forward your pictures to a new email address set up specifically to keep our pictures – nydiapix@gmail.com. Please keep them coming all the time. Old or new, we want them all.

Thanks so much, JPQ Kathy Walliker

Never Giving Up

In celebration of Queen Holly Austin, her daughter, our own Princess Angie Kopshy has written a fun and beautiful song about Shriners Kids called “Never Giving Up”. She has recorded this song (including a YouTube video) and it is now for sale with proceeds benefiting Shriners Healthcare for Children thru the Daughters of the Nile Foundation. Her band, known as Stoneface Honey, will donate 100% of each downloaded song, and 70% of each purchased CD to the DON Foundation.

Below are the links to download the song, purchase the CD, and watch the video. (Also, CD’s will be available at Nydia Temple’s stated sessions for purchase.)

Never Giving Up can be downloaded as a single or an album through:

Our website: http://www.stonefacehoney.com

Specific link on our website for digital or physical CD: https://stonefacehoney.com/album/1511968/never-giving-up

iTunes: https://music.apple.com/us/album/never-giving-up/1501714326

Amazon: https://www.amazon.com/dp/B085J22LZK/…

Spotify: https://open.spotify.com/album/7HPSQ81nOLnfztpy1JonAA?si=sLau8kHZT0eP9_QGrJOPvQ

SoundCloud: https://soundcloud.com/stonefacehoney

The video can be found on YouTube: https://youtu.be/7oqSn3WMT_s

January Stated Session – Jan. 6, 2021

We are again constrained by our foe, Miss Covid.  The Grand Master, Michael McGuyer, has studied the discussions of the Governor and of the latest Oregon Health Authority guidelines and has issued the edict as follows:  (abbreviated)

6 person limit

2 household limit

Wear masks, use hand sanitizer, social distance of at least 6 feet

Therefore, our Nydia session scheduled for January 6 will be a Zoom session at 12:30pm.

This was to be when I honored our past Queens.  Line officers and past queens, please wear your official uniform of your year.

Queen Holly

Virtual Holiday Get Together

Join us this Wednesday, December 16 at 5pm as Nydia Temple hosts a virtual holiday get together. Come prepared with your favorite holiday story to share. Holiday attire is encouraged, whether hats, scarves, sweaters, etc. Stockings don’t count unless you are going to be showing us your feet the entire time. Prizes will be given to the most traditional, the most outstanding, and the most outrageous.

Though we would all prefer to meet in person, join us for a bit of holiday cheer as we celebrate a virtual Merry Christmas and Happy Hanukkah.

Queen Holly

Important Info About December Events

Ladies of the Household,

I have made the decision that we must operate for the safety of our members and families. Our December 2nd session will be a Zoom session. Kathy Walliker will be sending out a link closer to that date. We will have the Queen’s pin-ons at the January meeting at which we will also honor the past queens.

I am postponing the December Official Visits. I do ask all clubs and units that if you normally meet in December to meet by phone or virtually.

I can only imagine you are wondering about the December 12th Holiday Brunch. I am

On the Wings of Angels Holiday Brunch

“On the Wings of Angels” Holiday Brunch scheduled for December 12 at 11:30am will be virtual only. Join with us on Zoom as we share good cheer for the holidays. Bring your glass of champagne or whatever you would like to toast with as well as a festive treat.

We all know that with the Pandemic and our unwelcome “Miss Covid,” all precautions must be taken. Sign on to the attached Zoom link no earlier than 11:00. Casual attire may be worn but please change out of your pajamas – wink, wink.

I will have small gifts for attendees which you will

Nydia Temple’s social Zoom meeting:

Ladies of the Household,

Things are a changing…  Miss Covid is still raising her rather unattractive head and causing problems.  The Governor has again tightened the reins to our getting together.  I want us to get together, however we can.

We have scheduled a Zoom get together for Wednesday, November 18 at 5pm, Pacific time.  This is a social, a game meeting.  It is scheduled for 5pm since we cross several time zones.  I have prizes available and we should have a good time.

For meeting information, contact either PQ Jennifer Moyer or PQ Kathy Walliker

Queen Holly

Announcing a Unique Opportunity


Announcing a Unique Opportunity:

Come and join the Officers of Nydia Temple No. 4 at a fun, fact filled Workshop to learn the art of being a Mentor. Topics will include the history of Daughters of the Nile, the history of Nydia Temple, Supreme Temple Bylaws and Protocol, plus much more valuable information.

On Saturday, November 21, 2020 we will present a socially distanced, safety aware day of fun, facts, and sociability at the Al Kader Shrine Center. The day will begin at 10 AM and end by 2 PM. There will be a light lunch provided and

Nydia Temple Receives Awards from the Foundation

The Foundation Club and Holiday Sharing Awards Ceremony was shared per a Zoom meeting on October 25. Only those temples receiving awards were invited to attend, as well as Foundation members, and Supreme Officers.

Nydia Temple received 10th place in total Foundation donations, giving $25,890, and for Holiday Sharing for Temples 300+ members, we received a first place with $9,396.

Imperial Sir Jim Smith, along with his wife (Princess) Alice, was also present. Imperial Sir Jim spoke of being the first Imperial Sir to be working with a $1 billion budget. He acknowledged that the Daughters of the Nile give financially and

Shriners Children’s the new brand

The fun-loving Shriners Fraternity has been around for 150 years, and the hard-working Shriners Hospitals for Children have been around for 100 of those years. Oregonians are very proud that the idea of creating the hospital system was born at an Imperial Session held in Portland in 1920, and we are also fortunate to have a hospital located in Portland.

The Daughters of the Nile organization has one charitable mission – the Shriners Hospitals for Children. For those 100 years, we have worked hard for, and alongside our Shriners, to provide amazing care to over 1.4 million children so far.

Today, the

Queen Holly Interviewed

Recently, Queen Holly Austin was interviewed on Masonic Youth Television (a YouTube channel). The purpose of this project is to promote the Masonic family groups, but also teach our youth media skills. To watch click here: VIDEO. In addition to her interview, she provided information on the history and reasons to join Daughters of the Nile (which was narrated prior to her on-camera appearance).

Congratulations to our own movie star Queen Holly!

Empty Auction Basket

With Supreme Session being cancelled, there was no silent auction of baskets this year. For many years, this had been a very fun and exciting event held in the marketplace to benefit the Convalescent Endowment Fund.

However, the Foundation would like to give members an opportunity to fill the “2020 EMPTY AUCTION BASKET”. Let’s see how much we can make the “2020 Empty Auction Basket” worth.
Auction stays open until September 30th, 2020.

Send your check, made out to the Daughters of the Nile Foundation, to:
6705 Mesa Drive
Austin, TX 78731
In the memo line, please include “2020 Empty Auction Basket”.

Your Foundation thanks you, and

September Nydian Newsletter

The September edition of the Nydian Newsletter can now be found on the Nydia Temple website. To read it, click on the picture of the front page of the Nydian, or pull down the “Members” tab. A printed version of the newsletter will be in each member’s U.S. mailbox soon.

Notice – important – included in this Nydian newsletter are proposed bylaw amendments. They were presented at the September stated session, and will be voted on at the October stated session.

Foundation Rose Garden contest extended

The Rose Garden is still in full bloom, growing roses available for you to send as a thank you, thinking of you, congratulations, etc. The Rose Garden contest will now be held for an entire year (January-December), and the three temples purchasing the most roses will be announced at the following Supreme Session.

As of right now, Nydia Temple is in 5th place. This is the ranking:

Shalman Temple No. 90 (Texas) = $1,630.00
El Mejdel Temple No. 47 (Colorado) = $710.00
Aromaz-Dynasty Temple No. 163 (West Virginia) = $615.00
Rithmah Temple No. 93 (Texas) = $520.00
Nydia Temple No. 4 (Oregon) = $480.00
Sat-Ra Temple No.

Important Pandemic Information

Ladies of the Household, Units, and Clubs,

We received a letter with information to consider should your group opt to have fundraisers in the current state of affairs. In light of this pandemic, our Nile insurance carrier has circulated the following very important information to consider:

When you say “every precaution” is being taken, question the points of this list. Does it include these points?

1. Will all the organizers be tested and receive results prior to the event?
2. Will you ensure 6 feet of space between attendees?
3. Is the venue disinfected prior to the event?
4. Will you require wearing of masks?
5. Are

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