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Nydia Queen Holly Austin


I have been asked why I am so involved in The Daughters of the Nile.  My immediate thought is Why Not?  Actually, my first thought is that that person doesn’t know enough about what DoN does or it would be a no-brainer.

The Mission of Nydia Temple No. 4, Daughters of the Nile, is to support the great work of the Shriners Healthcare System and Shriners International. That is our only philanthropic project.  It is an honor for me to say that I help support “the kids.”  How can we not help support the medical care and attention for those children accessing a state-of-the-art medical system?  We have the best of the best caring for those beautiful children.

We can proudly say that the Daughters of the Nile are the greatest supporters of Shriners Healthcare and Hospitals, second only to the Shriners themselves.  We do that in many ways: financially, physically, and emotionally.  We give of our pocketbooks.  We volunteer at and for the Shriners Hospital itself. We help to spread the word.

This has been an unusual year due to “Miss Covid,” but we have continued to do what we can to assist and to remind the staff that we are ready to return at their beckoning.

My year as Queen is winding down.  We have surrounded ourselves with the “Angels Among Us.”  Personally, I am craving hugs.  I want to be able to see people’s mouths when they speak.  I just want to see people!  I want to see my friends.  The nurse in me says that this too will pass.  My impatient inner self says it isn’t happening soon enough.

My scripture this year has been “He will order his Angels to protect you wherever you go.” Psalm 91.11.  Little did I know that when I chose this bible verse just how appropriate it would be.  I ask that you love one another and that you keep yourself safe.  We will meet again soon.

Queen Holly

Did You KnowJanuary, 2021

1. Did you know that Nydia Temple donated the first sum of money to start the newly formed CRA (Convalescent Relief Account)? The CRA Account was established in 1925 when Nydia Member Winifred Lea was Supreme Queen. Because of this connection, Nydia Temple was honored to kick off the fund with the first deposit. Our charitable work continues in earnest, with Nydia Temple donating over $15,400 to the Foundation last year alone.

2. Did you know that you can be a Valentine’s Day pen pal with a patient at the Portland Shriners Hospital? The hospital is inviting Shriners and Ladies to send Valentine’s Day cards to patients at the Portland Shriners Hospital. For all those that choose to participate, you will receive a special note from our patients in return! Simply send a Valentine’s Day card by Thursday, February 11th addressed to:

Portland Shriners Hospital
ATTN: Marketing & Communications
3101 SW Sam Jackson Park RD
Portland, OR 97239

Because a patient’s stay in our inpatient unit varies so much, we are unable to provide specific patient names. Instead, we ask you to submit a generic note that could spread cheer to any patient that reads it. We will pass all received Valentine’s cards to patients at random. Out of respect to the various religious beliefs of our patients and families, please avoid religious references.

Thank you, JPQ Kathy Walliker

Temple News

Supreme Queen to visit Nydia Temple

Ladies, Our Supreme Queen will be visiting Nydia Temple for her Official Visit on March 6 at 1:30pm. This will be a virtual visit (Zoom) and an Obligation-only ceremony. Join us as we honor our Supreme Queen, Heather Krastins Lambert. Please share this information with other members, but since there will be an Obligation-only ceremony, only members of Daughters of the Nile may attend. Mentors and other members: Please talk with your prospective members and encourage them to join at this memorable event. Queen Holly

Do You Venmo?

Good news – Nydia Temple can now accept Venmo paymentsThis is another option available to our members (along with existing payment methods of cash, check, or credit card).For Nydia Temple, find account name Jennifer-Moyer-60 (phone 2562 if asked to verify).This Venmo account is linked to Nydia Temple’s bank account. When a transfer is received from a member’s Venmo account, the Pr. Recorder immediately transfers it into the Temple bank account and the Pr. Banker enters the transaction into the Temple’s Quickbooks.It’s all done electronically – instantly and easily. The best part, NO FEES!Want a little bit more information about

Charitable Giving for 2020

Pr. Recorder, Jennifer Moyer, received the report from the Foundation on our Charitable Donations for the year, January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. This report includes our Holiday Sharing, Rose Garden, Stepping Stones to Happiness and direct purchases from the My Gift program. I am proud to report that Nydia Temple has donated…….$15,462.00! Wow! We did a great job during a pandemic and a very sad year. Congratulations to all our Ladies of the Household. Queen Holly

Pictures Needed

Calling all photographers – amateur, professional, and in between. To help redesign and build our website, we need pictures of our ladies all around Nydia Temple. We want all those pictures; the fun ones, the serious ones, the formal ones, the casual ones, and the ones you took just because. Please forward your pictures to a new email address set up specifically to keep our pictures – nydiapix@gmail.com. Please keep them coming all the time. Old or new, we want them all. Thanks so much, JPQ Kathy Walliker

Never Giving Up

In celebration of Queen Holly Austin, her daughter, our own Princess Angie Kopshy has written a fun and beautiful song about Shriners Kids called “Never Giving Up”. She has recorded this song (including a YouTube video) and it is now for sale with proceeds benefiting Shriners Healthcare for Children thru the Daughters of the Nile Foundation. Her band, known as Stoneface Honey, will donate 100% of each downloaded song, and 70% of each purchased CD to the DON Foundation. Below are the links to download the song, purchase the CD, and watch the video. (Also, CD's will be available

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