Queen Message July 2021

Queen Gail Mitchell Martin

Nydia Temple No. 4 had the great joy of playing host to Supreme Queen, Donna Kramer, as she paid us her Official Visit this month.  It was a small miracle that she was even able to get across the border from Canada, due to its closure because of the Covid pandemic.

That Monday, July 12, we held our first in-person session in a very long time, including a Ceremonial, bringing in two new members.  I couldn’t have been more proud of our officers as they recited their parts of our beautiful ritual, and of our three Units, Chorus, Patrol and Padir, for their most impressive  performances afterward.  The banquet that evening featured surf and turf, and I heard many exclaim how delicious it was.

Next day, Tuesday, was to have been the traditional Supreme Queen’s visit to the Shriners Hospital, but again, due to Covid restrictions, this had to be changed to a “virtual tour”.  We gathered at the Al Kader Shrine Center and watched it together on a large screen.  It is always such an inspiration to hear the testimonials of doctors and patients alike, confirming the huge impact we make with our support of this most worthy cause.  The site was interactive, allowing SQ Donna to share comments at the end.  Nydia Temple Past Queens then treated her to a lovely lunch at McMenamins, before a group of us transported her up to Yakima, Washington, for her next visit.

There is no denying the month of July, 2021, has been one of extremes:  extreme, record-breaking heat, extreme sorrow at the loss of some of our dear ladies of the household, and extreme angst at having our Supreme OV so early in our year, with not even one in-person session to help us prepare. But I am extremely proud of Nydia’s officers and handmaidens for their fine work.  You came through with shining colors and I want to thank you, every one!  I chose the dragonfly symbol to represent resilience, little realizing how much this vital trait would be needed.  And you did it, ladies!  In spite of everything, you all came through and made Nydia Temple shine!!

Nile Love to all,
Queen Gail Mitchell Martin

Did You KnowJuly, 2021

      1. Did you know that the Daughters of the Nile Legacy Program was introduced in 2017, and since that time over 1,770 legacy certificates and pins have been presented to our members?  Members having any female relative who is, or was, a member qualifies.  For more information, visit www.daughtersofthenile.com.
      2. Did you know that recently Supreme Queen Donna Kramer found the following vision statement – The Daughters of the Nile strives to be a respected and growing leader among women throughout the world in promoting friendship, character building, intellectual benefit, and service to others.  Supreme Queen Donna says, “I don’t know who wrote that or how long ago but how perfect for us.  We should all hold this goal within our hearts.”
      3. Did you know the Portland Shriners Hospital has an on-site school?  Yes, and through a partnership with the Multnomah County Education Service District, there is one full time licensed teacher and one part time educational assistant assigned there.  These professionals serve as a bridge between home, school, and hospital for about 40-60 students a year.

Temple News

Congratulations to Supreme Appointees

Hello ladies.  We just concluded an historic event for Daughters of the Nile – a 100% virtual Supreme Session.  Congratulations to the following Nydia Temple members who received Supreme Appointments:    PQ Kathy Walliker, Supreme Princess Zuliema   PQ Judy Smith, Member of the Supreme Action Team   PQ Jennifer Moyer, Member of the Supreme Membership and Public Relations Committee   PQ Ann Myers, Supreme Goodwill Ambassador to the Northwest Area   PQ Paulette Schlee, Supreme Temple Canadian Flag Escort   PQ Laurie Winchester, Supreme Temple American Flag Escort   PQ Judy Smith, Supreme Temple Brazilian Flag Escort

Queen Gail’s Visits to Nile Clubs

August 24th Coastal Nile Club; September 15th Bend Nile Club; September 16th Dallas Nile Club; September 22nd Three Sisters Nile Club; October 12th Tirzah Nile Club; October 18th Corvallis Nile Club; October 20th Beth Eden and Pendleton Nile Clubs; October 26th NEON Nile Club; November 1st Salem Nile Club; November 5th Woodburn Nile Club; November 8th Nite Lites Nile Club; November 9th Forest Hills Nile Club; November 16th Eastmont Nile Club; December 6th Zenobia Nile Club; December 13th North Clackamas Nile Club; January 25th Halos Nile Club

Do You Venmo?

Good news – Nydia Temple can now accept Venmo paymentsThis is another option available to our members (along with existing payment methods of cash, check, or credit card).For Nydia Temple, find account name Jennifer-Moyer-60 (phone 2562 if asked to verify).This Venmo account is linked to Nydia Temple’s bank account. When a transfer is received from a member’s Venmo account, the Pr. Recorder immediately transfers it into the Temple bank account and the Pr. Banker enters the transaction into the Temple’s Quickbooks.It’s all done electronically – instantly and easily. The best part, NO FEES!Want a little bit more information about

Pictures Needed

Calling all photographers – amateur, professional, and in between. To help redesign and build our website, we need pictures of our ladies all around Nydia Temple. We want all those pictures; the fun ones, the serious ones, the formal ones, the casual ones, and the ones you took just because. Please forward your pictures to a new email address set up specifically to keep our pictures – nydiapix@gmail.com. Please keep them coming all the time. Old or new, we want them all. Thanks so much, JPQ Kathy Walliker

Never Giving Up

In celebration of Queen Holly Austin, her daughter, our own Princess Angie Kopshy has written a fun and beautiful song about Shriners Kids called “Never Giving Up”. She has recorded this song (including a YouTube video) and it is now for sale with proceeds benefiting Shriners Healthcare for Children thru the Daughters of the Nile Foundation. Her band, known as Stoneface Honey, will donate 100% of each downloaded song, and 70% of each purchased CD to the DON Foundation. Below are the links to download the song, purchase the CD, and watch the video. (Also, CD's will be available

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