Queen Message March, 2022

Officers and Ladies of the Household, as your newly installed Queen, I am so excited for this year!

First, I want to thank you all for saying yes when I asked you to fill committees or offices. Some of you even came up to me and volunteered! That shows a real commitment to Nydia Temple and our beloved Order. With dedication and commitment comes real action. Action for growing our membership, for learning, and for doing our best for the kids at Shriners Children’s to allow them to grow and bloom.

Nydia Temple’s Theme this year:  Helping Children Grow and Bloom

because, as Daughters of the Nile, it could be said that’s what we do. Our work, whether it be fundraising, providing coloring books and crayons to the kids while waiting for appointments, or sewing shorts for kids to wear while in physical therapy, helps the children and their families progress in their treatment to heal and become whole. To grow and bloom.

To remind us of that, I’m incorporating our soon-to-be Supreme Queen’s Theme of wildflowers. Wildflowers, while beautiful in nature, can also be a metaphor for the individual and the human spirit. Wildflowers are strong, independent, and flourish wherever they are planted. Wildflowers are lovely to behold and show up sometimes in the most peculiar places. When things get stormy they bend, but they don’t break.

Not only do I have a special place in my heart for wildflowers, but I’ve also got a love for their more domesticated cousins found in gardens. Particularly, those gardens that are colorful and somewhat untamed with occasionally unpredictable habits. You know what else I like about gardens…GNOMES. They are fun creatures, sometimes silly, sometimes mischievous and even cantankerous, but all-in-all they like to make adults and children smile. Wikipedia says that “…Female Gnomes are little, but very handsome; and their habits are marvelously curious.”

Perhaps we all have some wildflower and gnome-like qualities. I hope to see you on the garden path!  Queen Nancy


Did You Know

April, 2022

  1. Did you know that last year Supreme Temple published the first Nile Nourishment – Membership Ideas With All the Fixings?  Included are sections on Recruitment, Retention and Reinstatement, along with Mentoring and sample publications from many temples. A stuffed full notebook with many ideas and samples; an incredible resource for all members. Nydia Temple has one copy and anyone can download and print from the Supreme website www.daughtersofthenile.com, under Member Resources, Membership.
  2. Did you know at Supreme Session each year, all the temples donating over $10,000 to the Foundation are invited to the “Foundation Club” reception?  This club was formed in 2016, and since its inception, Nydia Temple has been on the invitation list. Unfortunately, Supreme Session was not held in person for two years, but at the upcoming Foundation Club Reception, those temples qualified to attend during those two years will be included in the reception, including Nydia Temple.  It is promising to be a wonderful, and perhaps crowded reception this year in Dallas.
  3. Did you know that Shriners Children’s has designated the month of October as its official month of giving? Yes, starting this year on its 100th anniversary, and continuing in October of each year.  The campaign will be known as “31 Days to Amaze”, with promotions starting in April-May of each year.

Reported by PQ Kathy Walliker.

Temple News

Annual Kick-Off Luncheon

There’s still time to RSVP to attend our all member Kick Off Luncheon! The luncheon will be on Wednesday, June 1, 2022, starting at 11:30 am at the Al Kader Shrine Center. The cost is only $15 and tickets can be purchased from a member or at the door. PADIR will be providing croissant sandwiches, choice of two salads and tomato basil soup. For dessert there will be yummy brownies with a variety of toppings including ice cream, fudge and caramel sauce. A raffle ticket will be provided to each attendee for door prizes. If you wish to

Fundraising Opportunities

Hello Ladies of the Household. As your Queen, I recently approved a list of fundraising opportunities requested by our clubs and units. It’s been a long time since we have been able to actively participate in some of our clubs’ and units’ fundraisers. These fundraisers are essential as they help these groups do everything from meeting their monthly expenses (i.e. rent, postage, etc.) to providing funds for donation through Nydia Temple for sewing, the general fund and the Foundation. To help everyone plan ahead, below are the fundraising requests made by the clubs and units at the April

Celebrate 2022 Shirt

With the pandemic mostly in our rearview mirrors, what better way of showing that we’re ready to celebrate than to buy a t-shirt.  On sale now is a commemorative top with rhinestones and glitter - perfect to wear to Supreme Session and all Daughters of the Nile events.  To purchase, go to Order Link.  (For the link to work, you must press "Read More".)  The cost is $33, sizes small to 3X, and comes in white, black, turquoise, brown, and kelly-green.

We Need Your Help

Hi ladies, we need your help, and we need it like never before. The Covid19 pandemic has been unkind to us – unkind to us in many ways.  Our country, our community, our ways of life, and all the nice and wonderful things we enjoyed have suffered.  And it continues.  It has become apparent we cannot just sit back any longer, let the pandemic run its course, and hope that soon our lives will be back to normal.  While we’re doing all we can do to reduce or eliminate the virus, our lives go on; we must pay

Congratulations to Supreme Appointees

Hello ladies.  We just concluded an historic event for Daughters of the Nile – a 100% virtual Supreme Session.  Congratulations to the following Nydia Temple members who received Supreme Appointments:    PQ Kathy Walliker, Supreme Princess Zuliema   PQ Judy Smith, Member of the Supreme Action Team   PQ Jennifer Moyer, Member of the Supreme Membership and Public Relations Committee   PQ Ann Myers, Supreme Goodwill Ambassador to the Northwest Area   PQ Paulette Schlee, Supreme Temple Canadian Flag Escort   PQ Laurie Winchester, Supreme Temple American Flag Escort   PQ Sharon Kelley, Supreme Temple Banner Escort The

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