Queen Message September, 2021

Queen Gail Mitchell Martin

Welcome back, Dear Ladies of the Household, from our summer break.  It has been a difficult time, as we lost several of our older members and had to remain in quarantine due to this pandemic.  Still, many of us enjoyed small gatherings, and picnics, while adhering to Covid 19 guidelines, wearing masks and socially distancing.  While the future is unsure, the safety of our members is our number one priority.  We will try to be flexible and optimistic as we schedule sessions and meetings.

Nile’s September stated session was held via Zoom and we had a very nice turnout.  Looking at the cup half full, some members were online who live a distance away, and might not have been able to come, had we met in person.

As your Queen, I will continue to visit each of our Nile Clubs.  If your club chooses to cancel or postpone, as have a few already, know that I will be very understanding and flexible.  Just let me know as soon as possible so I can alert our officers and members.  It is such a joy to meet with you and have the chance to visit with your members.

Remember that we are planning to have another Ceremonial in January, and we want to expand our membership as much as possible.  So be thinking of ladies who would like to join an organization that builds friendships and character, while working together to benefit the Shriner Children’s Hospitals, and get those proposals in!

Nile Love, Your Queen Gail

Did You KnowOctober, 2021

          1. DID YOU KNOW that each year, each Daughters of the Nile Temple and each Shriner’s medical facility welcomes the Supreme Queen during her travels?  At these Supreme Queen visits, the temple is required to perform a ceremonial, and hold a banquet in her honor.  In planning ahead, next year’s Supreme Queen will be visiting Nydia Temple on Saturday, August 27, 2022, and visiting the Shriners Children’s – Portland Hospital on Monday, August 29, 2022.  It is the highlight of each year, and an opportunity for our ladies to meet her and other Supreme officers travelling with her.  This is a “Save the Date” for sure.
          2. DID YOU KNOW that the Portland Shriners Children’s Hospital is looking for donations of stickers for children?  Yes, the stickers are given to children at the front desk when checking in and/or leaving.  Due to COVID restrictions, many items are still not allowed in the hospital, but sheets of stickers are always welcome.  Since they are considered a donated item to the hospital, please make sure to let Pr. Sherry Hevland know the value, so it can recorded on her report to Supreme Temple each year.
          3. DID YOU KNOW any member can purchase Daughters of the Nile clothing items online?  Daughters of the Nile clothing items and accessories, along with counterpart group items, are located on the Supreme website www.daughtersofthenile.com, under the Nile Shop tab.  Thinking about a gift, you can purchase gift cards too.

Temple News

Supreme Website Committee Openings

Information received from Supreme Temple:  The Supreme Temple Website Committee is looking for talent to join our team! If you are a team planner, have the desire to learn, can jump in when last-minute deadlines are given, are great with time management, can commit an average of 8 – 9 hours a month, and possess the ability to meet deadlines in a timely manner, then please complete the application. Website Committee Job Description: A website committee, sometimes called website administrators or webmasters, works to maintain a cohesive design for the organization’s website, Facebook, Constant Contact, and other social

We Need Your Help

Hi ladies, we need your help, and we need it like never before. The Covid19 pandemic has been unkind to us – unkind to us in many ways.  Our country, our community, our ways of life, and all the nice and wonderful things we enjoyed have suffered.  And it continues.  It has become apparent we cannot just sit back any longer, let the pandemic run its course, and hope that soon our lives will be back to normal.  While we’re doing all we can do to reduce or eliminate the virus, our lives go on; we must pay

Congratulations to Supreme Appointees

Hello ladies.  We just concluded an historic event for Daughters of the Nile – a 100% virtual Supreme Session.  Congratulations to the following Nydia Temple members who received Supreme Appointments:    PQ Kathy Walliker, Supreme Princess Zuliema   PQ Judy Smith, Member of the Supreme Action Team   PQ Jennifer Moyer, Member of the Supreme Membership and Public Relations Committee   PQ Ann Myers, Supreme Goodwill Ambassador to the Northwest Area   PQ Paulette Schlee, Supreme Temple Canadian Flag Escort   PQ Laurie Winchester, Supreme Temple American Flag Escort   PQ Sharon Kelley, Supreme Temple Banner Escort The

Queen Gail’s Visits to Nile Clubs

August 24th Coastal Nile Club; September 15th Bend Nile Club; September 16th Dallas Nile Club; September 22nd Three Sisters Nile Club; October 12th Tirzah Nile Club; October 18th Corvallis Nile Club; October 20th Beth Eden and Pendleton Nile Clubs; October 26th NEON Nile Club; November 1st Salem Nile Club; November 5th Woodburn Nile Club; November 8th Nite Lites Nile Club; November 9th Forest Hills Nile Club; November 16th Eastmont Nile Club; December 6th Zenobia Nile Club; December 13th North Clackamas Nile Club; January 25th Halos Nile Club

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