I have felt the necessity to cancel the remaining Club Queen’s visits year for the balance of January and of February. Currently we are unable to meet in person with any more than six members present. I do not see the Covid pandemic precautions lifting in the near future.

These closures are being done for safety reasons for all of us. The Clubs and Units should still continue to meet if there are 6 or less present or by a virtual platform. I would encourage the virtual platform and we can help facilitate those meetings if you have the need.

Clubs should consider making a donation to our charities as they would normally have done when meeting in person. Most clubs will need a vote of their members for money transactions but consider doing that in your Zoom meeting or by a phone vote. Donations may be made directly to our Pr. Recorder, PQ Jennifer Moyer.

I will contact each club personally to arrange a time to review your books.

Queen Holly