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Terms and Conditions


Nydia Temple No. 4 is a subordinate temple of the international, fraternal organization known as Daughters of the Nile. We are a social and charitable group comprised of units and clubs, providing opportunities for our members to support and promote Shriners Hospitals for Children. We contribute volunteer hours and in-kind donations to the hospitals, to provide a nurturing environment for the children they treat.

All items purchased will have a 3.5% handling fee added. Unless otherwise noted, no shipping charges are added.

All sales final – no returns.

Rev. 3/30/2020

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Committees and Appointments


2020 to 2021

Directors and Aides

Ceremonial Director: PQ Judy Smith
Advisor to the Queen: PQ Kathy Walliker
Pr. Chaplain’s Aide: Pr. Ashley Hellman
Advisor to the Chaplains: PQ Carol Livey
Pr. Marshal’s Aide: Pr. Debbie Cook
Advisor to the Marshals: PQ Sharon Kelley
Pr. Recorder’s Aide: Pr. Carol Pratt
Advisor to the Lady of the Keys and Lady of the Gates: PQ Gerry Brown
Chorus Director Pr. Pam Davis
PADIR Director Pr. Donna Gray
Patrol Director PQ Jennifer Moyer

Nydia Temple Committees

PQ Judy Smith
Pr. Gail Martin
Pr. Nancy Coddington
Pr. Donn Gray
Pr. Judy Alley

Finance Committee
Pr. Teri Rollman, Chairman
Pr. Trudy Biotti
Pr. Lori Snyder

Financial Review (Year-End Report)
PQ Judy Smith, Chairman
Pr. Nancy Stanek
Pr. Teri Rollman

Hospital Requests/Sewing
Pr. Sherry Hevland, Chairman
PQ Judy Smith, Co-Chairman

Charitable Giving (My Gift Program)
Pr. Judy Alley

Pr. Pam Davis, Chairman
Pr. Marilynn Young
Pr. Janelle Snyder-Jubb

Visiting and Cheer
Pr. Nancy Coddington
Pr. Donna Gray

Other Hospital Committees

Hospital Parties
Pr. Shirley Stanfill, Chairman

Holiday Decorating
PQ Paulette Schlee
Pr. Sherry Hevland

Hospitality and Greeters

Cheerful Cherubs Handmaidens

Strategic Planning and Membership
PQ Kathy Walliker, Chairman
PQ Jennifer Martin, Secretary
Pr. Gail Martin
Pr. Nancy Coddington
Pr. Donna Gray
Pr. Sherilynn Mobley

Ways and Means
PQ Jennifer Moyer
Pr. Paula Levin
Pr. Gail Martin
Pr. Nancy Coddington
Pr. Donna Gray

Pr, Sherilynn Mobley, Chairman
PQ Joan Blizzard
PQ Patti Compton
Pr. Ruth Hughes
Pr. Pat Stapleton

Nydia Auxiliary Committees 2020-2021

Queen Holly Austin, Publisher
Pr. Pam Davis, Editor, email to nile-nydian@hotmail.com

Temple Traditions
PQ Paulette Schlee

Pr. Carol Pratt

Pr. Michelle Wolbaum
Pr. Pam Davis

Webmaster/Facebook Admin
Queen Kathy Walliker

White Rose/Memorial
Pr. Sydney Bush

PQ Jennifer Moyer, Pr. Recorder

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Hospital Support


Al Kader Shriners formed this Club to help support and publicize the Shriners hospitals and the fraternity. Anyone that supports the hospital and their mission is welcome to join and work with them. The club participates in parades with their special float, community events, and any place that they can offer information about the hospital system. They are easily recognizable by their vests and other identity wear and their enthusiasm.

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Hospital Sewing


Ladies of the Sewing Committee work at the Portland Hospital every Tuesday in their beautiful sewing room with the million-dollar view. They provide items for the patients including wheelchair bags, shorts for tests, belonging bags, pillowcases and matching lap quilts, and many specialty items. Sometimes they are asked to do repairs or to design a special item. The most treasured item that they produce is the “Transition Quilt” presented to a patient as they graduate out of the Shriners system. Opportunities are available for ladies that may not be able to work directly at the hospital, as well. At-home sewing is gratefully accepted and there are groups that meet in the evening or at other locations to sew, as well.

As the expense of shipping items to the Shriners Children’s Hospital-Honolulu is prohibitive, our members donate gift cards (Walmart, Target, VISA, etc.) that can be used by the hospital to purchase what they need. Individuals, Clubs and Units make generous donations every year.

Below are tried and true instructions for making much needed items at the Shriners Children’s Hospital-Portland. We hope you enjoy making these useful things.

Fabric Needed for Nydia Temple Nile Sewing

Hospital Welcome Bag – Single Layer

Hospital Welcome Bag – Double Layer


Quick and Easy Lap Quilt

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