Queen Holly Speaks
Welcome to the year of new beginnings – 2021. I am hoping for a fresh outlook with positive outcomes. We already know that after the year 2020 that this year will be much better. How could it not?
It hasn’t always been easy to display a positive outlook. We’ve all had challenges. I have been given permission to share the following which was written by our Princess Marie Chambers who shares her year spot on. Good job, Marie!
Marie shared this on Facebook…
“Each year has wins and challenges: 2020 in a nutshell for me. I feel blessed, and am happy for all the positives.
* Lost my job in January 2020 after 44 years with the same company. Win: new job, new company, April 2020.
* Pandemic hit in March. Win: I have not had Covid.
* Toilet paper hoarding by people. Win: I did not rush to the store as I had enough to make it through the pandemic.
* People lost jobs or worked from home. Win: I was able to work in the office every day.
* Felt unsafe with all of the happenings in Portland. Win: I have a concealed weapon license/gun. First time ever fingerprinted.
* People seem very angry. Win: I was extra nice to them, and saw the anger fade.
* Put brother’s house on the market for sale March, 2020. Win: offer made in two days, finalized sale by June due to Covid.
* Daughter’s family not able to come to Oregon. Win: with technology I was able to face time them.
* Not able to go many places. Win: went to the beach, went to Sunriver, and saw many Christmas light displays.
*Stayed home alone. Win: I am connecting with others who may be alone and need someone to talk to.
* Stayed home a lot. Win: cooked more at home.
* Stayed home a lot. Win: completed homemade items for Christmas.
* Stayed home a lot. Win: my dog got to spend more quality time with me.
* Turned another year older. Win: I am still alive.
I am thankful for each day. I am looking forward to see what the future has in store.”