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Nydian Newsletter cover July 2017
Nydian Newsletter

Nydia Temple No. 4
515 NE 135th Street
Vancouver, WA 98685-2813
Phone: 360-607-7801

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2016 - 2017 Unit and Club Information

For more information regarding Unit and Club meeting times and other details, please contact Nydia Temple Recorder as follows:

Nydia Temple Recorder's Office
Paulette Schlee, PQ, Princess Recorder
515 NE 135th Street
Vancouver, WA 98685-2813
Phone: 360-607-7801


Nydia Units

Nydia Temple Chorus
Contact Pr. Sylvia Evey
Meeting: Third Wednesday at 11:30 am

Nydia Temple PADIR
Contact Pr. Betty Donnelly
Meeting: Third Monday at 11:00 am

Nydia Patrol
Contact Pr. Holly Austin
Meeting: Third Wednesday at 9:30 am

Nydia Clubs

Bend Nile Club
Contact Pr. Key Nelson
Third Wednesday

Beth Eden Nile Club
Contact Pr. Jeanne Hanan
Third Monday (Day may vary)

Coastal Nile Club
Contact Pr. Sharon Armstrong
Fourth Tuesday

Columbia County Nile Club
Contact Pr. Hope Koch

Dallas Nile Club
Contact Pr. Carol Gohaidan
Third Thursday

Eastern Oregon Nile Club
Contact Pr. Colleen Clark

Eastmont Nile Club
Third Tuesday (except January, June, July, August)

Forest Hills Nile Club
Contact Pr. Patty Brooks
Second Tuesday

Nite Lites Nile Club (except December, June, July and August)
Contact Pr. Donna Gray
Second Monday Evenings

North Clackamas Nile Club
Contact Pr. Bertie Harrop
Second Monday

Pendleton Nile Club
Contact Pr. Nancy Evans
Third Wednesday

Salem Nile Club
Contact Pr. Jacquelyn Nunez
First Monday

Three Sisters Nile Club
Contact Pr. Sue Anderson
Fourth Wednesday, Third Tuesday in November and December

Tirzah Nile Club
Contact PQ Rosemary Farris
Second Tuesday

Vancouver Nile Club
Contact PQ Paulette Schlee
Third Tuesday (except December)

Woodburn Nile Club
Contact Pr. Betty Koessel
First Friday (except June, July, and August)

Zenobia Nile Club
Contact Pr. Gayle Lee
First Monday

Updated: 5/08/2017