Queen Message January 2021

Nydia Queen Holly Austin

We have now begun a new year. Think of the beginning of 2021 as a blank slate, an open book. Everyone receives a blank 365 page book each New Year. What you fill those pages with will be your legacy. Leave behind you the old chapters which were filled with concerns and worries. Begin this year with happiness, cheer and smiles. Choose your actions carefully and your words wisely and make those pages worth reading by the end of the year.

We all make a difference in others’ lives. You may never know whose life you have already changed by your kindness or generosity. It may be as simple as a kind word or a smile. Just remember, every action has a reaction. We want that action to have a positive ending.

Each New Year is a gift from above, a fresh outlook and a new beginning. Be proud of who you are and what you stand for.

Did You KnowDECEMBER 2020

1. Did you know that the membership pin, received by each new Lady of the Household during her initiation into Daughters of the Nile, have been given out to each new member since 1914? The emblematic pin was described by the founders as an important symbol of the ladies’ worthy efforts. It is similar to the Shrine emblem, consisting of a green scimitar with golden crescent, and in the center is a white rose. The white rose, an important symbol of our order, represents purity and love (or innocence).

2. Did you know the Daughters of the Nile Foundation’s Stepping Stone to Happiness was introduced in 1955? This was also the beginning of the My Gift Program, which allows donors to make a contribution to the Endowment Fund and receive a gift in return. Visit www.donfdn.org to see the many beautiful items that have been added over the years.

3. Did you know that the Portland Shriners Hospital has a Facebook page? Yes, it’s “Shriners Hospitals for Children – Portland” The hospital staff posts fun and interesting things going on around the hospital. Check it out.

Thank you, JPQ Kathy Walliker

Temple News

Queen’s Visits to Clubs

I have felt the necessity to cancel the remaining Club Queen’s visits year for the balance of January and of February. Currently we are unable to meet in person with any more than six members present. I do not see the Covid pandemic precautions lifting in the near future. These closures are being done for safety reasons for all of us. The Clubs and Units should still continue to meet if there are 6 or less present or by a virtual platform. I would encourage the virtual platform and we can help facilitate those meetings if you have

Charitable Giving for 2020

Pr. Recorder, Jennifer Moyer, received the report from the Foundation on our Charitable Donations for the year, January 1, 2020 to December 31, 2020. This report includes our Holiday Sharing, Rose Garden, Stepping Stones to Happiness and direct purchases from the My Gift program. I am proud to report that Nydia Temple has donated…….$15,462.00! Wow! We did a great job during a pandemic and a very sad year. Congratulations to all our Ladies of the Household. Queen Holly

January’s Mid Month Nydia Zoom Social

Join us for an open Zoom Social on January 20, 6pm. We will discuss New Year’s Resolutions and the pros and cons. Come casual. We are trying a new time to try to facilitate some working folks’ schedules. Come and enjoy – bring refreshments. Queen Holly

Welcome to the Year of New Beginnings

Queen Holly Speaks Welcome to the year of new beginnings – 2021. I am hoping for a fresh outlook with positive outcomes. We already know that after the year 2020 that this year will be much better. How could it not? It hasn’t always been easy to display a positive outlook. We’ve all had challenges. I have been given permission to share the following which was written by our Princess Marie Chambers who shares her year spot on. Good job, Marie! Marie shared this on Facebook… “Each year has wins and challenges: 2020 in a nutshell for me.

Ceremonial Scheduled for January 30th – Cancelled

Ladies of the Household, I am so sad to make this announcement. Even though we have all been attempting to be so safe during this pandemic, the Covid-19 virus has seeped between the cracks. The virus is still running rampant and the “numbers” are growing instead of receding. The Ceremonial scheduled for January 30 is cancelled. We continue to plan a large ceremonial when our Supreme Queen visits on March 6. That gives us three more months to get healthy. Keep in mind, however, that we are able to do a virtual “Obligation Only” initiation if our candidates

Pictures Needed

Calling all photographers – amateur, professional, and in between. To help redesign and build our website, we need pictures of our ladies all around Nydia Temple. We want all those pictures; the fun ones, the serious ones, the formal ones, the casual ones, and the ones you took just because. Please forward your pictures to a new email address set up specifically to keep our pictures – nydiapix@gmail.com. Please keep them coming all the time. Old or new, we want them all. Thanks so much, JPQ Kathy Walliker

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